Appreciation Summer Challenge 2020


At Brown Box Treats, we are always looking for ways to help the local community. As we continue to support local businesses, by adding their delicious treats to our Brown Boxes so we can share with you and your friends and family, we want to do more. While summer is finally here, we thought it would be a great idea to find a way to support our local firefighters. This is where we came up with this 'Locals Support Locals Appreciation Challenge'.

With summer being a busy season for our local firefighters, we would love to show our appreciation to them. We have a Special Appreciation Brown Box dedicated to them that is full of delicious sweet and savory treats, along with Seattle Chocolate's 'Many Thanks' Truffle Bars.

Our goal is to send out as many of these Special Brown Boxes throughout this summer to your local firefighters. With your support, we can make this possible! Much appreciated by the Brown Box Treats family and please stay safe this summer! ❤️


39 counties in Washington with over 1,200 registered Fire Departments/Stations.

Click on the County you would like to support:

****Please email us at with any questions or concerns!